About Us

As founder and Business Analyst of Curtana Solutions, John LeBlanc brings more than 26 years of experience and expertise in providing essential services to clients in the areas of retail, government, health-care, payment processing and logistics.  Here are some of John’s accomplishments in these areas:

Point-of-sale (POS) transactions are essential for retail businesses and John implemented a system that eliminated unnecessary inventory counts and reduced administrative costs by 5%.

While working in the government sector, he implemented several process changes that streamlined revenue collection and cash disbursements.  The end result was significant improvement in bank account management, a 50% cash float reduction and reduction in labour of 3-person hours per week.

The health-care field is important to everyone.  John made incredible contributions while working in this industry.  He implemented and modified a medical lab system that reduced turnaround time by 20%.  He also created an automated medical data exchange program for a cancer care centre that reduced clerical time by 40% so results were available on an even quicker basis.

All businesses want to improve their efficiency.  With Payment Processing, John succeeded in doing so with several clients.  He reduced upfront costs, improved data entry systems to increase productivity up to 25% and converted an entire paper reporting system to a fully electronic one.  The system reduced paper consumption by 85% and courier cots by 70%.

Logistics are all about fine detail.  John is extremely precise.  In prior history he has made improvements to tracking systems to improve reporting turnaround times by 60% and with such tracking systems, offsite data storage has been enabled.  This improved data security, reduced downtime and saved significant IT and Administrative costs.