Updated Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to address concerns regarding data mining by the US government.

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Your Privacy Matters- Protect it!

There has been much concern recently about the confidentiality of data stored in the USA, as the NSA has been ordering service providers to turn over customer data.  The best way to avoid having your valuable data compromised is to have it hosted outside the USA, beyond the NSA’s reach.

Curtana is pleased to confirm that all of our hosted apps are located in data centres in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada that are not subject to American law.

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We can be reached toll-free! Just call 1-855-561-4271

Our new toll-free number has been activated!  We can be reached anytime at 1-855-561-4271

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Portfolio update: Zoom in on your talent!

The query feature is now fully functional.  Users enter the casting requirements and are returned a list of all clients who meet them.  This provides a very efficient way to respond to casting calls.


Here’s the results screen screen providing at-a-glance information on the available talent.  The header area shows the requirements, while the sidebar shows specific information on the highlighted client.  The Details button launches the client information window.  We will be adding two more buttons before the final release; one will generate an email to all of the clients in the list and another will generate an email to casting directors with information on the listed clients.ResultScreen


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Portfolio Progress

Our beta Customer will be running the latest version next week.  The full client screen is working, including photo management.

A client profile can be created with an unlimited number of photos, one of which can be selected as the main profile photo.  All images are stored in the database at their original resolution, eliminating the need to manage a complex directory structure.  The images can be exported to the hard drive in JPG or PNG format.

Now under development is the query screen to quickly respond to casting calls.  Once the required criteria are entered, a list of suitable candidates is displayed.

Next up will be the bulk email module.  It can be used to send a message to all clients or to a subset using the query screen.

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Now Offering Cloud Hosting

Curtana Solutions and Colosseum Online have teamed up to provide our clients with a full-service data centre.  Available services include data backup, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and virtual desktops.


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New product coming soon- talent/labour management

We are in the preliminary stages of development for a talent booking management database, designed to manage clientele from initial representation through presentation, booking and settlement.  This product will be especially suited for agencies with as few as 25 clients but will be scalable to 1 million+.  More details and screenshots will be posted as the project progresses.

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Quickbooks Integration

Just finished a small project to create a bridge between Quickbooks and Outlook.  The code will be quite useful for future work because I can now have a single app handle all aspects of Quickbooks.

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DonorMaster Integrated with Quickbooks

The February release of DonorMaster will include support for Quickbooks to save time when entering donations or updating donor information:

  • Adding donors in Quickbooks will automatically update the DonorMaster donor table.
  • Entering donations within Quickbooks will automatically be recorded in DonorMaster and optionally print a thank-you letter and/or tax receipt.
  • Donations entered in DonorMaster will be automatically recorded in Quickbooks.

Each of these optional features will be included in DonorMaster Basic at no extra charge.

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New Project

Interesting little project underway now- we’re creating a Windows service that creates Outlook Calendar entries from Quickbooks.

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